About us

I am a registered breeder with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and have been an owner and breeder of Neos for the last six  years. The love and passion I have for this unique breed is endless.

We live out in Caledon Ontario Canada,  on a large rural  property where our Neo’s have their own outdoor and indoor quarters. They also are house broken and trained but often like to spend time outdoors. I focus on breeding the highest quality of Neos and take my breeding program quite seriously. I have several imports both from the US and Europe and raise healthy, happy puppies.  Although these large clumsy dogs are most loyal and protective they are the most gentle giants I have ever met. They all have been raised with children and exposed to many environments. I strongly believe in training as their size and weight are extraordinary and it is necessary to be able to manage them.

They are fed high quality food along with raw meat. They get 2-3 large raw beef bones per week to maintain healthy teeth along with 100% meat treats that we make homemade here.

I encourage anyone who is interested in owning one of these gentle giants to thoroughly do their home work and research.
All puppies of ours come with life time breeder support.